Welcome to our online Products list. We do not currently have a shopping cart system in operation, so to find out how to order, click the Order script here or at the bottom of the page or simply ring the parts hotline on: 023 9234 5000. As ever, if you do not see what you want, or have a suggestion, contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

Every year we search high and low for a calendar with our favourite vehicles on it. Every year we are disappointed, so we decided to produce our own!

These 2003 Split screen Calendars are exclusive to us. They are black and white, 28 page glossy with 14 fantastic images.

These wheel trim/beauty rings come in 14 and 15 inch sizes and are a lovely finishing touch to any air cooled VW. What's more they are made from stainless steel, so will never rust and are very resistant to bending.

Set of 4 - 65.00 + p+p

These brake pipe kits are made from copper or Copper Nickel (Please specify when ordering) and have solid brass unions and connectors, so will never rust. Price increase as of 1st Jan 2003, due to increased material and insurance costs. However, our kits are still well under RRP.
Kits available as follows:
GB6388 Split Screen Van Single Circuit to Chassis 20-117901 - 65.57
GB6389 Split Screen Van Single Circuit Chassis 20-117902 on - 62.65
GB6390 Split Screen Van Dual Circuit to Chassis 20-117901 - 67.38
GB6391 Split Screen Van Dual Circuit Chassis 20-117902 on - 65.90
GB6392 Karmann Ghia Type 3 - 57.40
GB6395 Fastback 1600TL - 49.31
GB6398 Beetle 1200 Pre 68 - 48.88
GB6400 VW K70 - 88.86
GB6402 Beetle 1302 and 1302s - 58.21
GB6404 Beetle 1303 and 1303s - 60.03
GB6407 Beetle 12/1300 '67- '71 LHD - 53.87
GB6408 Beetle 1500 - 49.74
GB6409 VW Type 4 Variant - 64.76
GB6410 VW Transporter 1800cc - 56.38
GB6411 VW Transporter 1600cc 1970 on - 68.26
GB6413 VW Transporter 1980- '82 - 75.36
GB6414 VW Transporter Dual Line '83 on - 94.29
GB6426 VW Variant 1600 Type 3 - 48.11

If you are going to fit never rust brake pipe kits (or even if your brake fluid just needs changing) you would be well advised to fill up with Dot 5 approved silicone brake fluid, which is non-toxic, non-flammable and will not damage paintwork. It also will never need changing. Available in any quantity, up to a drum!
Silicone Brake/Clutch fluid 0.5ltr - 12.50

Type 2 Breathable covers are back in stock. These covers will fit all type 2 Split Screen and Bay window models, with standard roof or pop top.
All covers come with protected door zips.
Type 2 Cover - 99.95

We have been asked repeatedly for Braided brake hoses, so we did some research.
Although the outer braiding on most kits are stainless, the end fittings are usually plated or anodised steel. This means it will eventually rust away.
Our kits have stainless end fittings so, like our Copper brake pipe kits, should last a very long time.
Type 2 1956-67 - 59.00
Type 2 1968-70 - 65.00
Type 2 1971-79 - 59.00

Having spoken to many of you about our Copper Brake Pipe Kits, We realised that many people want to do the brakes on their Car / Van once and then forget about it. With this in mind we have produced these Brass Bleed nipples, which will not corrode and snap just when you need them most. They are only available for Type 2's at the moment and are priced as follows:
Upto 1970 Front (Drum Brakes) 1.50 each
1971 Onwards Front (Disc Brakes) 2.00 each
Rear All years 3.80 each

We can supply paint mixed to any Volkswagen paint code. The most common request is for an aerosol can, which comes in a large 400ml size, or a touch up pot. We can supply any quantity of paint. Call or e-mail us with your needs. All aerosols will come in Cellulose

Consult our Paint Code Charts or speak to a member of our friendly team, who will do our best to locate your paint code.
400ml Aerosol - 11.95
Touch Up pot - 7.95
500ml Primer Aerosol - 6.50
500ml Lacquer Aerosol - 6.50

If your car is a none standard colour, or the paint code cannot be ascertained, we can match paint to fuel flaps, etc for 14.95 for a 400ml Aerosol or 9.95 for a touch up pot.

Read our painting Tips

We have these Old School Chequered mud flaps for the front and rear of your '49 - '79 Bus, rear of your Bug/Beetle or Karmann Ghia.
The checks are embossed into the rubber, rather than just being printed. These mudflaps rock!

Sets come without brackets, for 19.95 a pair.

If you are fitting brackets to a beetle or ghia, brackets can be supplied

These Bumper sealing strips fit between the bumper and wraparound steps on 1968 - 72 Type 2's. They are New Old Stock (N.O.S) and are available in very limited quantities.

Very Limited Stock - 14.95 per pair

Having hunted high and low for these for our own van, we are very pleased to be able to offer these to our customers.

If you are restoring a Devon camper from the late 60s /early 70s, then these are for you. Circular stickers for the dashboard or grille of your Devon Caravette, Torvette or Moonraker and larger Devon Conversions sticker for the rear tailgate.
Small Sticker - 2.00
Large Sticker - 3.00

Similarly, if you own a Westfalia camper we have these stickers. The originals were in paper so didn't last, but these vinyl ones should last forever.

Westfalia Sticker - 2.50 Each

OEM braided fuel hose, good though it may look often perishes inside. The first indication of a leak is when fuel is pouring onto a hot engine! Our BS pvc fuel hose is long lasting and does not have a fabric covering, thus being easy to check for condition. Hose can be supplied per metre or in kit form, with a new in-line filter and re-useable clips which are guaranteed not to damage the hose.
Fuel hose kit - 11.95
Fuel hose clamp - 6.95

These battery isolator switches are easy to fit and a useful anti-theft device when hidden from view. They allow you to remove the key when leaving the vehicle. (spare keys available)
Battery Isolator - 9.99
Spare Key - 2.99

We have a selection of aerial/antenna balls from the USA. These include left to right: Jack In The Box, Jack In The Box Oakland Angels Ball, 76 Ball and Jack In the Box LA Dodgers Ball. Finally, we now stock Wiener antenna toppers. Pledge your allegiance to America's favorite Hot Dog!
2.00 each

As a finishing touch to a restoration, we have these petrol octane and Tyre pressure stickers, for the inside of the fuel filler flap. We also have these washer bottle stickers for Beetle and van (located on the Kick panel in vans)
Octane Sticker - 1.00

Tyre Pressure Sticker - 2.00

Washer bottle sticker - 2.00

Check back often for new products. We offer a part finding service, so call us first and well try our best to locate that hard to find part. We only offer good quality parts, that we would have no qualms about fitting to our own vehicles.
Don't forget we also import rust free vehicles/parts. Click Hereto find out more.

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