Here is our trusty old van, a few weeks after we bought it in April 2001. It is a 1968 Devon Caravette. After the demise of our '71 Danbury camper to chassis rust, we spent 2 years looking for the perfect van.
It had to be a '68 or '69 (Body colour dash) Devon Conversion and the preferred colour was Neptune Blue (L50K). Every bus we looked at had terminal rust and was Savanna Beige. On the friday night before The Volksworld show 2001, I saw an ad on the free ads site, which read something like this "VW Microbus, 9 seater 1968, VGC, Original Blue Colour, MOT 1400.

I was on the phone in a flash and we went down to kent before the show to see it. The body was pretty solid and it was an 8 seater with walkthrough bulkhead, so would be ideal for a Devon Conversion. At this stage, I was happy to buy a solid van and find an interior later.
And here it is over a year later, looking better thanks to Clares Curtains, but worse thanks to the local scumbags (badge).

The 'New' hub caps lasted from May to October before blistering. This was 1 SUMMER use, so salt not to blame
We found a Devon Caravette interior in Shrewsbury for 150. It was knackered and took last winter to rebuild it. I got funny looks at the timber yard when I said I wanted a piece of Oak 2"x1"x2'!
All thats left to sort out is the bed unit, but i am contemplating replacing it with a rock/roll bed for ease of use and less height. There is nothing worse in a fixed roof bed than messing around with cushions and table legs...
We spent 2 weeks in summer 2001 touring France, Spain and Belgium, doing 3000 miles in 2 weeks. Read the trip report Here

Here are some pictures that make me angry. In early October 2002, vandals struck twice in 2 weeks. The first time, a California Licence plate Number 1KPD167 with an Orange County International Dealer surround was taken from our 1967 Sundial Camper and the badge was removed from the '68.
As if this was'nt bad enough, the perpetrater returned 2 weeks later and tried to force the lock on the drivers door and removed the lock barrel from the tail gate. They also tried to smash the drives 1/4 window and left deep scratches in it.
On the same night they screwdrivered the lock on the Beetle and knackered the door skin without success.
There is a Reward for the apprehension of this "person" into my custody.

On Tuesday 10th December I braved the cold to do some MOT work on the van. I fitted a new front wheel bearing and cleaned out the rear brakes, adjusted 1 headlamp, fitted new inserts into the wiper blades and fitted a spare tyre onto the offside front, which had begun to wear at the inner edge.

It was bitterly cold and even began to snow at one point! I also fitted a new (to me) front badge...

We will be updating this page with more pictures as and when work takes place. I will be fitting a Brake pipe kit to this van and a few other products in the next couple of months.

Meantime, here's a picture of the company parts hound.(Knows how to sniff out a bargain. ..) and our new Squareback

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